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LINAK supplies movement

Linear actuator solutions from LINAK supplies movement to your tracking system.

LINAK is a specialist in linear movement and we have supplied electric linear actuators to solar tracking OEMs for several years.. We provide specially designed solutions ready to take up the challenges in the solar tracking market.

Why Solar Tracking Systems

Global warming has increased the demand and request for green energy produced by renewable sources such as solar power. Consequently, solar tracking is increasingly being applied as a sustainable power generating solution.

Solar Tracking System is a device for orienting a solar panel or concentrating a solar reflector or lens towards the sun. Concentrators, especially in solar cell applications, require a high degree of accuracy to ensure that the concentrated sunlight is directed precisely to the powered device. Precise tracking of the sun is achieved through systems with single or dual axis tracking.

Solar Tracking brochure

See also our Solar Tracking brochure available as an online magazine

LINAK’s Solar Park

LINAK has its own solar park placed next to our headquarters. The park is one of the largest self-contained photovoltaic parks in Denmark and has been running successfully since February 2011. You can learn more about our solar park by watching this video.

Click to play, double-click to watch larger video on Youtube.

Want to Discuss Solar Energy?

Apply for membership of the “Solar Energy” group on LinkedIn where you can learn more about solar tracking and alternative energy in general. Here you also have the possibility to follow our solar tracking expert Nicolai Andresen’s discussions.

Solar Tracking video

A short presentation video of a 1 MW solar park in southern Germany.

The trackers are made and installed by Lorentz GmbH, the movement is provided by LINAK:

Click to play, double-click to watch larger video on Youtube.

Solar Tracking wikipedia article

See more info in this wikipedia article about
Solar Tracking.

Single axis tracking systems

Solar panels with single axis tracking systems. The panels can turn around the centre axis. LINAK can provide the actuators that tilt the panels.

Single axis solar tracking system; the panels can turn around the centre axis.
Customer solution with a single axis tracking system.

Dual axis tracking systems

Dual axis tracking is typically used to orient a mirror and redirect sunlight along a fixed axis towards a stationary receiver. But the system can also gain additional yield on your PV cells. LINAK can provide you with quality actuators that move these panels on dual axis.

Dual axis solar tracking is typically used to orient a mirror, to redirect sunlight along a fixed axis towards a stationary target or receiver.
Customer solution with a Dual axis tracking system.

Solar Cell Market

In the solar cell market efficiency is crucial to avoid losing market shares on the global energy marketplace. There are two main ways to make solar cells more efficient, either by improving the actual cell or by installing the solar panels on a tracking base that follows the sun.

The end-user will prefer a tracking solution rather than a fixed ground system because:

  • The efficiency increases by 20-60% (= more money) depending on where you are in the world.
  • Near the equator, you will have the highest benefit of tracking the sun.
  • The space requirement for a solar park is reduced, and they maintain the same output
  • The payback time of the investment is reduced

Our business proposal is to offer a complete linear actuator system that moves the tracking base in your solar tracking system according to the sun. We catch the sun and increase your output of the solar panel.

There are three main Solar Power Technologies:

  • Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV)
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
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