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LINAK Perfects Movement In Solar Tracking Systems

Electric linear actuators are a clean and easy to install solution for moving your solar tracker. There is no risk of oil or fluid leakage, they are simple to install, require no maintenance and they perform day-after-day even under extremely harsh conditions. Their smooth and accurate motion control also ensures a strong and precise movement regardless of weather conditions.

For solar panel tracking systems, LINAK offers several strong linear actuator solutions depending on your demand for force, stroke length, speed etc.

Linear Actuators with embedded Modbus

As to solar trackers LINAK has a number of solutions, but we would like to recommend to you our two main products with embedded Modbus communication:

Why choose a LINAK actuator with Modbus communication?

Choosing a solar tracking actuator with embedded Modbus communication from LINAK provides you with several benefits all of which will improve the efficiency and output of your solar tracking system:

Lower investment

A LINAK actuator with embedded Modbus communication lowers your investment in a solar tracking system through its adaptability and lean features.

The Modbus communication technology encompasses one scalable solution for all different sizes of installations, from single to dual trackers. Furthermore, Modbus ensures that everything is programmable and controllable from a central controller. During installation fewer cables are also needed due to the BUS topology and a less number of I/O´s are needed due to the BUS system.

Because LINAK actuators with embedded Modbus communication are an “all in one” solution that needs no additional communication box, time needed for installing the system is reduced significantly. The technology’s standard communication language also cuts down on system programming time.

Longer lifetime

LINAK solar tracking actuator solutions with embedded Modbus have a longer lifetime due to features that ensure increased electronic protection and surveillance.

The features include an electronic overload protection that prevents damaging of components, a non contact potentiometer, temperature surveillance and an adjustable current limiter in both directions. Longer lifetime is also achieved by lowering the actuator’s maximum speed through pulse width modulation.

Lower maintenance/operational cost

With embedded Modbus maintenance and operational costs are lowered due to integrated diagnostics that do preventive maintenance, e.g. log of current, cycles, temperature etc.

Modbus is easily integrated with SCADA systems through the BUS interface. A remote monitoring of the solar tracking installation is also possible through the use of an Ethernet-BUS gateway. Additionally, the solar panel tracking system has maintenance free mechanics without any grease of oil.

Improved yield of PV installation

LINAK solar tracking actuators ensure accurate positioning of your solar panels or mirrors and enhance your solar algorithm from a central point. This way you can obtain an improvement in the return of your investment.

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